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Welcome to rolling START! Stock Car Racing on the Web!

Racing and Wrecking Limos - 1

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Welcome to rolling START! Stock Car Racing on the Web!

"DOOMED" is part of the rollingstart website that covers all aspects of UK stock car racing.  Here are the quick links to the main site:

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Welcome to rolling START! Stock Car Racing on the Web!

The chances are that many visitors to this page have an interest in Classic Cars.  These too are highly rated as "material" in the world of Banger racing.  The following galleries show the cars that were raced - including ten hearses - at the 2001 Pre-68 Classic Banger Day at Hednesford Raceway

CLASSIC BANGER DAY 2001 - Pictures of almost all the cars raced

Pre-68 - Hednesford 7-10-01 - Pics of 156 Classic Cars - Click thumbnail to access

Welcome to rolling START! Stock Car Racing on the Web!

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Banger racing is a unique and very popular form of racing on many UK and some European short ovals.   Whenever anyone experiences a Banger race for the first time the whole affair really seems quite unbelievable and very difficult to fathom out!  This is essentially because the participants fall into two distinct categories.  First there are the racers, the guys (& gals) who race to win, or at least they start the race with the object of winning!  The second type of driver is the wrecker, i.e. he who has no intention of winning but every intention of causing as much havoc as possible.   It is all very unpredictable - and highly entertaining -  because any particular driver may start some races as a wrecker and others as a racer!  The effect is that some Banger races can turn out very much as - races - with others becoming wrecking frenzies.



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The following photographers who have very kindly allowed me to use their work:

AR = Alan Reynolds
AT = "Big Aust" Austin Tomlinson of the website NORTHERN STAR
TA = Tim and Alex Catley of TIM AND ALEX'S PHOTOS
TC = Terry Collins of BANGERNET
DM = Dean Mayer of the INCARACE magazine THROTTLED
Unattributed photographs by Dave Carter

Caverns of Blood

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AND last, but by no means least to all those Banger Race Teams without whose efforts this site would not have been possible!

Welcome to rolling START! Stock Car Racing on the Web!

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